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11th BLIZ Workshop

On February 14th, the 11th BLIZ Workshop took place via Zoom. During the last workshop in 2021, we debated the process of BLIZ scenarios. Since then we built narratives and a modeling protocol. After a round of general updates, each subproject showed its main achievements and presented the results of their simulations. We are getting […]

Update 2021

In the first project phase of BLIZ, sectoral models for the simulation of ecosystem, biodiversity and land use changes at the Bavarian level were developed, parameterized and tested with observation and measurement data, and model uncertainties were estimated. Policy action spaces were investigated from local to international scales and possible future developments were estimated. In […]

10th BLIZ Workshop

On October 25, the 10th BLIZ workshop took place in Iffeldorf as a hybrid event. Some members of the BLIZ team attended in person, while others joined via Zoom. Each subproject reported on the status of its work. Afterwards, we discussed the upcoming synthesis in a plenary session. We debated the process of creating BLIZ […]

BLIZ at Münchner Wissenschaftstage

On October 8 until October 10 Munich’s Science Days (Münchner Wissenschaftstage) took place at the Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum. PhD student Anne Lewerentz presented her video game. The goal of the simulation game is to impart knowledge about the ecosystem of the Bavarian lakes and the effects of water quality and climate conditions on aquatic plants.

Sven Rubanschi presents at GfÖ (Ecologic

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society took place virtually from August 30th until September 1st. Sven Rubanschi held a presentation on “Environmental conditions drive the potential biotope composition in Bavaria”. He showed how environmental variables can be used to predict the distribution of Bavarian biotopes and how the potential biotope composition would look […]

Anne Lewerentz presents at the DGL (Germ...

The DGL Jahrestagung took place in Leipzig from September 27th until October1st. The limnological conference displayed the topic: “When extremes become normality – inland waters under climate change”. Anne Lewerentz held a presentation with the title “Modelling the distribution of submerged macrophyte species in Bavaria under climate and land-use change”.

2nd bayklif retreat

The BLIZ team participated in the 2nd bayklif retreat at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing on September 28 and 29. Each bayklif project gave insights and updates on their work. In parallel sessions, there were workshops on forests and biodiversity, as well as on the Atlas of Ecosystem Services and science communication. In between, there was […]

9th BLIZ Workshop

On July 9th the 9th BLIZ Workshop took place via Zoom. The workshop started with guests from Uni Bayreuth: Prof. Dr. Thomas Köllner and his PhD students R. Riebl and M. Versluis from the LandKLIF-team presented the Bavarian Atlas of Ecosystem Services. Subsequently, we discussed collaboration ideas. During the internal part of the workshop each […]

Anne Lewerentz at ASLO 2021 Aquatic Scie...

Anne Lewerentz gave a talk “Multidimensional distribution of submerged macrophyte species diversity in deep lakes” during the virtual meeting on June 25th. Furthermore, she contributed at the “Conceptual and Performance Arts Contest” with her bioDIVERsity computergame’s video and won first prize! She also joined the “Fun Challenge” with a Mini-Video on Twitter and won third […]