BLIZ consists of 6 subprojects:

  1. Impacts of land use and climate change on terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity (Anja Rammig and Wolfgang Weisser, TUM)
  2. Biodiversity tipping points in climate and land use change (Juliano Cabral, UW)
  3. Tipping points in limnic systems (Uta Raeder and Markus Hoffmann, TUM)
  4. Influence of climate change on land use and multifunctionality (Thomas Knoke and Johannes Sauer, TUM)
  5. Uncertainty and risk in system models on climate impacts in Bavaria – BayRisk (Florian Hartig, UR)
  6. Multifunctional rural areas in Bavaria in the context of climate change: Perception and evaluation of social-ecological transformations and acceptance of sustainable land use options (Perdita Pohle, FAU)

These subprojects are thematically interlinked and closely intertwined in terms of organisation.